I am breaking the cardinal rule of blogging in my fourth post by blogging about blogging. Oh, well, tough tooshskies.

I had a concept for my blog and was interesed to see where it led me. Alas, a mere three posts later, I have abandoned the idea altogether. Well, maybe not the whole idea. I could bring it back whenever lightening strikes.

This discarded blog idea was just another classic short-term attention span Sophie escapade. It speaks volumes about my real-life.

You know, that one I attempt to live when I’m not shooting up with virtuality.

Even more, it speaks volumes about my virtual life. With all the choices in the virtual world of who I could be and what I want to talk about, I still don’t know. If you gave me a virtual personality test, it would tell you that I have light-years left in my evolution. It looks as though I am unable to escape my reality in virtuality.

With that I declare that my blog will have no particular subject or theme. I declare that the postings will be virtuality and reality but refuse to let you know which post is which. I declare that I will be obsessed from time to time with one or more subjects then just as quickly cast them aside. I promise that any promise I make should be considered a virtual promise and may not exist in reality.

G’day then,


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