Wimpy Kid Genius

The first time I picked up the Diary of a Wimpy Kid, I could not put it down. The weekend that Dog Days was released, I went to the store and bought one of each of the books so that I.. I mean, my son could read them all at one time.

I thought the movie hit the nail right on the head. SPOILER ALERT! Here’s a kid desperately trying to be popular. Most of us have been there. Acting one way or another just to be cool or because someone else says it’s cool. This kid is really trying hard yet his best friend isn’t trying at all and ends up popular because he is just himself.

Back in the 80s and 90s the story was always that the suddenly popular kid turns into a bad person and shits on his/her friends. In A Wimpy Kid, it’s the supporting character who just goes along happily being himself. It’s the being himself that makes the kids like him. He could care less about the popularity which actually makes everyone like him more. Instead of saying popular kids can only be assholes, it says popular kids can be nice kids.

It’s a great read and a great movie.


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