VFFing Crazy

I get really excited and obsessive about things. Sometimes, the weirder they are the more obsessive I get. This would explain why I started running many years ago. If I had a nickel for everytime I’ve heard someone say, “why would you want to do that?”

It didn’t take long after I became a serious runner (the type willing to run regardless of weather conditions, although, I draw the line at Lightening and Darkness) to begin running a few races. Sorry to sound boastful but I came in third for my first 5k and have won every one I’ve run since then.

So, of course, the next logical step would be longer distances. I am currently training for my third half marathon. Even though it takes a lot of time away from family, I couldn’t resist the pull of doing another half marathon. Again, some think I’m down right crazy.

Maybe they are right. Afterall, I’m also running it in a pair of Vibram Five Fingers. Coockoo, talk about crazy!

Am I just one of those barefoot running fad followers? I could be, but I like to think that I’m just willing to try different styles to find the right one for me. I don’t want to argue the pros and cons. I don’t feel it’s necessary to find converts. Although, I’m willing to share my experiences with anyone who has a mule with a bum leg needing to be talked off. I just know that for me, right now, there is no reason to put on a pair of shoes. Waking up pain free is worth the stigmatism of running barefoot.

If I’m completely honest, it feels good to have everyone think I’m a little crazy.


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