The Dreadmill

It is true that I own a treadmill (purchased used for $100). Many runners call it the Dreadmill. I actually enjoy my TM quite a bit. You might even say I love it.

How could a true runner enjoy a treadmill? Because it allows me to run. Hubby out of town? Here’s the TM. 2 inches of ice on the road? Here’s the TM. Because being able to perform the act of running becomes more important than where I’m running.

But like every good lover, the TM has it’s faults. My TM is an enabler. TM enables bad form if I am not diligent.

I’ve had two minor injuries since starting on TM. Minor, but both had me out of running for a little over a week each time. The connection between the two injuries was that I was trying to go fast so that I could get as much milage as I could within a certain amount of time.

The problem is that as I increased the speed of the belt, I didn’t speed up my feet. Both times, I let my stride get longer allowing my turnover to remain the same. I was covering a greater distance with each step. A poorly angled step that caused injury over time.

Picture running down the road. What happens to your feet and legs when you speed up? I increase my turnover rate. I think “faster, faster, put the feet down faster.” I don’t think “increase stride, longer steps”. But on the treadmill, it seems a natural way to react when the surface I am on is accelerating away from me.

The treadmill might be a dreadmill to some beacause it presents a mindless run. But I’ve learned that I’d better engage my mind when I engage that speed button.


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