Take Girl Out Of The Shoes.

I’ve applied for my AARP card. Afterall, if my bunions prevent me from wearing anything but orthopedic shoes, shouldn’t I get my coffee at McDonalds for a quarter too?

There was a time when I was the girl that gave all the other girls shoe envy. I strode through the airport with efficiency in my smart black business heels. I sauntered playfully in front of a certain sexy man in five inch black velvet stilettoes. I danced for hours at the social event of the season in canal colored sandals. I toured the cobblestone streets of Maastrict in chic black heeled boots. I was Mistress of Shoes.

Then one day I woke up with pain in the joint at the ball of my foot. It didn’t take long before the stilettoes were pushed to the back of the closet and replaced with sensible black flats. A bunion had reared its ugly toe on my right foot.

There were other issues that drew me to barefoot running but I realized bunion benefits as well. Being barefoot allows my foot to remain flat. There isn’t any thing squishing my toes together. Sure, they try to tell you that heels and poor fitting shoes will cause bunions but barefoot is a custom fit and that thing is still growing.

Still, I can’t help looking into the window of a high fashion shoe store and coveting the latest styles. I was raised to believe that an outfit isn’t complete until you find the perfect pair of shoes. Sometimes, being a girl is all about the accessories. Shoes make the wo-man.

It appears that you can take the girl out of the shoes but you can’t take the shoes out of the girl.

If it seems crazy to you to think that someone would continue to wear a pair of stillettoes even though they cause that much pain, why doesn’t it seem crazy that runners would keep wearing running shoes?


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