Yappy does not make me Happy

It never occurred to me to be mean to a dog. Unfortunately, it did occurred to the Yappy dog to be an jerk to me.

I was taking a run into town coming rear the library. Up ahead were a couple of older ladies walking a white Yappy dog. I moved over to the left so that I would not disturb them. Just as I came even to the group, Yappy flipped out.

The lady holding the leash looked surprised that her precious little pumpkin was a raving mad dog. Maybe I spooked the dog or maybe he was just angry about being a Pittbull stuck in a Yappy body.

Come to think of it, other than size or strength, what difference is there between Yappys and Pittbulls?

As I said, the deranged Yappy jumped on my right leg and seized my pant leg. I stopped and waited patiently while the lady pulled her dog away. I heard a snap confirming that Yappy put a hole in my pants. Not holding much of a grudge, I ambled on down the sidewalk away from Yappy.

I’ll admit that my leg tingled so I stopped for a look at the end of the next block. It was fortunate that I had chosen my loose fitting exercise pants that day. Yappy got ahold of my calf but the extra material in my pant leg just slid his teeth right off. In other words, no broken skin. However, Yappy’s inner Pittbull would have been gratified to know he doled out a bruise as big as the bruise that I got from an actual Pittbull bite a few years earlier.

That night I dreamed that I was being chased by a white wolf-like dog that barked…a lot.

Yappys move up a notch on the list of animals I’m not incredibly found of. First on my list are the gang of birds that leave a white trail across my pool and pool deck.


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