Best Laid Plans

Usually, when the family is out of town, I take the opportunity to be a mediocre work-aholic. But, it is so difficult when I know my VFFs are waiting for me. I feel obligated to put in a few extra hours for some time I took off to take the kid into the doctor. However, that obligation is being replaced by a deep seeded desire to go for a rediculously long run.

Ok, it won’t be rediculously long because my long runs have only been 5-6 miles. Still, my only time limits will be hunger and a setting sun.

My plan for tonight is to get home. I will eat a simple meal of leftovers. I need pack my clothes for the weekend. Then I can slip into my VFFs.

I claim I am a barefoot runner but I haven’t been barefoot since I got off the treadmill in March. I feel like a poser. Therefore, I will run for many miles (at least 4, maybe 6) then I will cool down with at least a mile of barefoot walking.

Hoping to run a barefoot mile on the pavement before the summer is done.


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