I Accidentally Tri-ed

It started with a library book. When I read a good book, I can’t put it down until it is finished. I stayed up till nearly 1AM Tuesday night reading my library book even though I had 10 more days before it needed to be returned. Staying up till 1 am to read made me very unwilling to wake up at 5 am to run. My easy fix was to run after work when the hubby and kids were far, far away.

Once I got home from work that library book started staring me down. It said in a lilting voice, “It’d be a shame to miss out on all that uninterrupted reading time on the train Friday night.”  It was nagging me.  I had to go to the library.  But how to co-ordinate it with my run?

Should I run with the books? No.

Should I carry them in a pack? No.

Should I return them now and get a new one when I’m done? Sweaty? Eew.

Should I take a long warm up walk? Maybe…?

What about when I leave the library? Walk back home?

I was whining to myself about how long that would take when the answer, had it been a snake, bit me.

Hello?!? Bicycle!

Twenty minutes later, the bike was back in the garage, the new library books were on the counter, and my VFFs and I were off running through the town. It ended up being a mile shorter than I wanted but it was nice having that errand taken care of.  Books can be sooo persistent. 

With just one mile left to go, my plan was to take off my VFFs. I would just run a couple of blocks then walk the rest of the way if my pampered toes could handle it. To my delight, the concrete felt like velvet against my skin. I ran the entire last mile home in my bare feet. I even got whistled at!

I was soaking in sweat when my feet hit the driveway. I needed/wanted a rapid cool down. I popped open the pool gate and climbed into the pool with all my running gear still on. (except the VFFs!) It was sensational.

It struck me funny because I rode my bike, ran, and was now swimming. It was a mini tri-event. Ok, my pool is a circular, above ground pool that makes swimming laps pointless so it was more like frolicking than swimming.

Regardless, thanks to that library book tempting me then nagging me, I completed a tri event! On accident!

Accidental Tri
2 miles on bike
5.3 miles running (1 mile was bare)
Several minutes frolicking


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