Saturday’s Non-Profit of the Day

My VFFs are making a big hot at the Latvian cultural camp ground. I wore them to the walk-a-thon that we did for the kids camp. It was a four mile walk around the camp. I was glad to show my face to represent the In-laws but I was missing my usual run around the lake. When I run I start from the In-laws so it ends up being a hilly 6 miler. Still, a good dead done.

Yesterday was a shoe day. Actually, it was a sexy, high heeled sandal day. We attended the Christening of a cousin’s daughter. A perfect opportunity to wear the shoes I gave up for extreme special occassions. That darn bunion! Interestingly enough, my foot never started hurting. The bunion was a self diagnosis but now I question my determination of the situation. Had I just been suffering from weak feet? It looks like a job for Super Slueths. Or Scientific Sophie? Stay tuned for an experiment in ladies footware….


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