Hits The Pavement

We will now put crushed limestone at the top of the list of terrains I am not ready to run bare on. I will consider it increadible feet when I do. Yes, the pun is intended.

I hadn’t planned to go bare tonight. I ran three bare miles this morning at home on the sidewalks in town. Things went pretty well but the fourth toe on my left foot was burning pretty hot today. So, I was planning on taking my VFFs for a run tonight when I reached Stevens Point, WI. Quite predictably, I forgot to pack my VFFs.

I located a long 30 mile trail called the Green Circle that, well, circles Stevens Point and surrounding towns. There was an entance point just a few miles away. (Later I discovered an even closer spot to my hotel). I was hoping that the trail might be paved or dirt and figured I could handle a short bare run on either of those surfaces. But, first, I stopped into Target to buy some band-aids to cover the fourth toe.

I parked the car at the access point, locked up and headed out. A couple was just coming off the trail with their sandy haired dog. I noticed that they noticed my bare feet but they didn’t say anything. They were probably thinking, “she won’t last long” and they were right. I hobbled about twenty yards and figured that I might as well be running on the pavement.

So, I revised the trail run for a neighborhood street run. I expected to run past the couple that had just come off the trail. I expected to pick up knowing vibes but I never saw them. Maybe I could go a little farther than twenty yards.

I was plesantly surpised to find the pavement in this neighborhood to have smaller rocks making it less rough than my previous encouters with pavement. This was especially nice when the band-aid came off my toe about a quarter of a mile into the run. You, I know, are not surprised by that event.

However, my pleasure in the smoother pavement was short lived. In another half mile, the pavement morphed into pain inflicting pavent I was accustomed to. I’m lucky to be stubborn or I might not have pressed on. I found the tire grooves, where the rocks had been worn down more, easier to run.

Still, I surprised myself. Just last week I thought it would take me all summer to toughen up enough to run bare for any length. Yet, today, I ran three miles bare not once but twice! My legs felt great and the hot spots were tollerable. At least until I got to mile 1.2, when I entered a neighborhood that doesn’t see much road traffic. ( The things you learn from your feet!).

I finally gave up and turned back at 1.5 miles. The tornado threatening weather didn’t encourage me to run any further either. I made it back to the car without any storms and had only a few walk breaks through some heavily stoned areas.

In the end, I was pleased with my second choice route. I hit the pavement and discovered it was tolerable. I had interesting houses to look at. Sadly, you just don’t get too many neighborhoods like that anymore. The connecting road trail was well marked so I didn’t worry about getting lost. This was a good trail.


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