My Sister Has Really Nice Pavement

I used to be just like everyone else and appreciate a nicely paved road because it was just quieter and less bumpy when you drove on it.  Now, I look at nice smooth pavement and think, “Oooh! I bet that is fun to run on!”

Last Sunday, hanging at my sister’s house in the great state of Michigan, I left the kids behind for a trail run in my VFFs.  I don’t get to stay at my sister’s house very often and it is even rarer when I get to go for a run or hike while I am there.  On top of that, my sister usually leads the way.  My point is, I couldn’t find the entrance to the trail.

Honestly, I wasn’t that disappointed because I had noticed that the pavement is really nice in front of my sister’s house so I was interested to see if I was right.  When I got back to the road, I slipped off the VFFs and carried them for a bit.  Just a head about an 1/8 of a mile was an entrance into a neighborhood with, low and behold, the same pavement!

It was in fact as delightful to run on as I had anticipated.  I would put that pavement above my love for sidewalks.  Because, you don’t realize just how many stones there happens to be on the sidewalks in our town.  Another bonus for this neighborhood was the sunken drains.  I tossed my VFFs down on the grate of the drains and you couldn’t see them until you were right on top of them.  I actually had a moment of panic when I went back to get them because I couldn’t see them and I thought someone had taken my Vital Friends Forever!

I saw one other runner on my 3+ mile run.  I sort of wish I’d have someone stop me to talk about the bare feet but no one has.  I should look on the bright side because that would interfere with getting the run done.

Need to get some sleep so that I can run in the AM.

By the way, check out Barefoot Angie B at with her Nuu-Muu exercise dress give away.  Well, actually, I hope you don’t because I really want to win one and if you do and you win, I’ll be disappointed.


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