Makes The First Cut

Not only do I run barefoot, I work barefoot.  I consider myself extraordinarily lucky that I inherited a gigantic wooden desk with my office because, unlike the other desks around here, this one is fully closed in.  Every time I drop into my chair, I slip off my shoes with no one the wiser.  Pretty much I only put my shoes back on if I’m headed out my office door to the kitchen for a snack or refill my water.   I’ve been doing this for so long that it feels foreign to wear shoes while sitting at my desk. 

Anyway, I was bare sitting at my desk yesterday and just felt irritated with the ball of my right foot.  Yesterday morning, I had run a half mile on pavement and two and a half miles on sidewalk.  The only “remarkable” moment was when my heel landed on a sharper (larger?) stone.  Still, it was nothing that would bring the train to halt.  So, I couldn’t really understand why the ball of my foot was a bit tender and stingy. 

I wheeled back from the desk and threw my right foot up onto my left leg to look for a bruise or something.  Another extraordinary thing about my office is the access to daylight via a big bright window.  (Unfortunately, I sit with my back to the window and completely missed that it had rained yesterday.)  A quick inspection of my foot in broad daylight revealed a teeny, tiny cut.  A very clean neat cut about an 1/8 of an inch long.  I was in shock!  How in the world had it gotten there? Was there glass in there? 

I found something kind of sharp in my desk and picked at the cut but I didn’t find glass or anything else in there.  It seemed rather deep for as short of a cut as it was.  It irritated my foot like a paper cut irritates a finger.  When I got home, I tried to squeeze rubbing alcohol into it as a precaution.   By the next day, the cut had grown shut.  Sorry, no picture of the cut because you couldn’t see it in the picture anyway. 

I don’t know when or how I got the cut.  I assume I got cut by glass during my run, but, again, I do not know at what point during my run that it happened.  It’s almost as likely that I got the cut from walking around my office in the bare.  Regardless, I remain committed to running a majority of my runs in the bare.  For sure, I’ll be working in the bare!


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