Confessions Of A Bare-footer

There’s this guy at work. I really want to talk to him.


No, you’ve got me all wrong…well…no, really… wrong.  Because he is good looking and he has a very fit body… No, really, that isn’t why I want to talk to him, not at all.

See, people around work are talking about him.  Ok, I’m not proud to admit this but I’m one of them. I noticed the other day he was wearing flip-flops to work. Seriously, I’m a traditionalist. As much as I run in the bare, walk in the bare, and work in the bare, I don’t walk at work in the bare. It’d be like wearing a wife beater to work. It just doesn’t seem appropriate.

So, I mentioned the flip-flops to a co-worker today. She gave me the I-know-what-you-mean look. She said that she saw him in someone else’s office with NO shoes on.  NO shoes! Can you imagine?

My breath caught in my throat. My heart started racing. I was simultaneously hot and cold.

Could it be? Could he be a bare-er too? How I would love to go talk to him to find out. Maybe he runs in the bare too? Maybe I’m not really the only crazy person around here afterall!?


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One response to “Confessions Of A Bare-footer

  1. P.

    No, you are not the only one 🙂

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