Going Bare In The Summer

The highlight of my weekend was wearing a pale yellow sun dress with bare feet to a christening. As was often commented on that day, men usually have an advantage in formal wear. Nine months of the year, women freeze and steal their husbands suit coats. However, this day, women reigned supreme in garments as we stayed much cooler in our sundresses while our jacketed counterparts melted in the 90oF heat. Which makes me wonder about the intelligence of “fashion” and “proper” dress. Shoes aren’t the only stupid tradition.

Daily, I take note of how hot my feet get after donning shoes. Mere seconds after climbing in behind the drivers seat of my car, I am peeling the shoes right off. I took pity again on all the gentleman at the Christening with their fancy leather shoes. I think I could see the heat waves radiating out of them.

Almost as soon as I climbed out of my pontoon chariot, I shed the shoes for the celebration. The hosting family is a mixture of religion and paganism so my bare feet fit in exceptionally well. It helped that it was held in the front yard of a cabin on the lake. I was surprised that their family didn’t harbor some barefooters.

Another highlight to my Saturday, K-man and I headed into the woods that morning for a mile hike. It’s hard to beat an opportunity that allows you to do an activity with your child that you both enjoy. Especially, with a kid that is constantly telling you to stop looking at him.

The in-laws must have been hit by several heavy storms because we had to clear several large branches plus climb over two felled trees. The undergrowth was very heavy. My VFFs did not protect me from the prickers but I only had a few bad scratches. K-man faired slightly better with his conventional shoes. I can not convince that kid to go barefoot. I found one tick on my VFF but K-man was clean.


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