Better things to do than sleep

Last week I posted on Facebook:

“Who knew you could love running more than sleep?”

As a child I would sleep until noon. I grew up and married an early bird and only slept in until 9 am. Then I had babies and slept whenever I could.

The last couple of years I have really put running as a priority in my life. The best time for my run is in the morning before everyone else in the family is awake and before I go to work. I now consider sleeping until 6:30 am sleeping in.

The problem is that I love sleep more than work. Today, I am struggling to stay awake at my desk. My solution is to close the door. Hey now, I have some work ethics here! I closed my door so that every five minutes I can drop to the floor and do a set of push-ups. It wakes me up for at least another 5 minutes. I’ve done three sets so far and I feel another one coming on. 4:30 pm can’t get here fast enough.

Today’s run was a 3.8 mile VFF loop through the park over the 1908 iron bridge. I’m hoping to run a 5k on Sunday morning but that will mean I will have to clean the house Saturday night. Hmmmm… Not likely.



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3 responses to “Better things to do than sleep

  1. Love your post! Way to go with VFFs!

  2. I would end up closing my eyes instead of doing push- ups… Remember that Seinfeld episode where George built a bed under his desk?

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