Confessions Of A Bare Foot Babe

I am not a clean freak. Seriously, I am not. I don’t have one once of OCD in me. I have to have a serious talk with myself just to finish a project. Here, look at my desk as proof of my messiness…

I confess that lately, I’ve been harboring a yearning for a broom. I have fantasies of an old fashioned hand broom, you know, its called a Whisk.  (The description on the Whisk gave me a chuckle.)

You’re wondering why a self-proclaimed slob would want a Whisk?

Can you blame me after you see this?

It might take me a awhile with the Whisk on this.

Sure, it’s partially my fault because I choose to run barefoot on sidewalks instead of sticking to the roads. Sidewalks, I have found, have a lot more tiny sharp stones which are much more painful than the glass I’ve run through.

After much investigation into the stone patterns, concentration of sandy areas, and location of driveways, I have concluded that a great number of these stones are the result of washout during rain storms. If I carried my Whisk with me, I could sweep this washout off the sidewalk and be good for several weeks. Or, until the next rainfall.  I wonder if using my Whisk would be as effective in causing it to rain as washing the car?

I confess, Monday, I went for a barefoot walk instead of a run partially because of all the stones.  I didn’t have a Whisk with me but I used my foot to sweep aside a couple rouge stones. On Wednesday, when I passed through again in the bare, I actually noticed an improvement. It makes me covet that Whisk all the more!


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