Knee Deep

I’ve been ramping up my volunteer activism this year. Partly, it is because of my son’s eye injury. It just breaks my heart to think that other people are having to go through scarier or more life-threatening situations. Mik? He’s fine. Lately, I just feel compelled to be a little more active for the betterment of our community and our world.

The one non-profit that I’m up to my knees in is Cub Scouts. I’m there for my kids because I want them to have a great experience. So it feels motherish (Motherish is my word for selfish but pertaining to my kids) instead of generous.

I have to admit that when I start evaluating all my responsibilities in scouts, I feel more like I’m in neck deep. I started out as a den leader. Then I had to take on the fund-raising chair. But, that wasn’t enough. I decided to be day camp co-ordinator, as well as, a staff member of day camp. The committee executive has asked me to be the assistant pack leader. Maybe this does begin to qualify as a generous volunteer? Or maybe just a sucker?

This past weekend, I spent my time running back and forth between fund-raising activities, parades, and day camp preparations. All weekend I felt run down, cranky, and stressed. The weather was not favorable to working outdoors adding to the discomfort. Maybe the glow necklaces would have sold better if I hadn’t smelled so bad from working in the hot humidity all day. On the other hand, my boys are going to have a blast at camp so I also felt very satisfied.

I had a stroke of selfishness come Sunday morning. Just for me, because I felt I deserved it, I ran in the Catfish Days 5k race along with 100 other people. I’m always fond of my odds when there are only 100 other people. A surprising number of them were under 12 years old.

The weather record listed the temperature Sunday morning as 73 deg F with 70% humidity. I would have bet money that it was hotter and stickier. The sun was intense or maybe I just have a harder time with it in my older years. Thank goodness the course was mostly shaded. Still, I took three 10 count walking breaks and lost several overall position places as a result.

No worries though, I turned in a decent 25:45 time. A PR only because it was my first VFF race. I had debated about bare vs. VFF. I was disappointed during the run that I had chosen the VFFs until I got to the cemetery. Those roads were all limestone. I don’t do limestone.

My VFFs got noticed by a couple of other runners. One lady explained that she was running bone on bone. I suggested she investigate barefooting. She was a little skeptical until she remembered the Kenyans. I enjoyed spreading a little barefoot love. I also caught some attention when I walked up to take my medal for 1st place in my age category.

It turned out to be a pretty good day.


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