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Day 95- Last Chance

Day 95- I got on the scale yesterday and was able to measure a small amount of success. Yeah! Thank goodness I burn so many calories on those runs!

I did the Biggest Loser Last Chance workout this morning as one of my weekly goals had required. Besides being a good workout for burning calories while building some muscle, I find The Last Chance concept fitting for my last 95 days. All year I’ve wanted to lose weight, tone up, and just be healthier overall. I set a goal last December to finish this year 10 pounds lighter than last year. Even if I lose the 12 pounds that is my goal for the 100 days, I will not make it to my preceding goal. So, this is it. My last chance this year to strive ahead of where I finished last year. I’ll keep doing that Last Chance workout to make sure I take this chance seriously.

Goals for Day 94-89
1. Healthier choices at convenience food times.
3. Last Chance Workout two times
4. No grazing at the birthday party


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Carrot Cake Was Not The Only Veggie

Day 99- let’s just say that day 100 was a wash. Day 99 is going much better…except that carrot cake they had in the conference room. It was only two bites. I mean, two actual real sized bites, not how-big-is-my-mouth-how-much-can-I-fit-into-it bites.

This morning I started on a 2.95 mile run in my Vffs at 6:05 am. I really need to get up earlier if I’m going to have any workouts with significant impact.

The upside, today, is that I have been busy at work in the lab. So, I am burning more calories than my usual office day. The downside is that I end up not drinking my water.

Product Review- Stephanie’s Raw Red Peppers
I like that these peppers are organic and locally grown. Other than the gas used to drive to the store to buy the plant to begin with, no gasoline was used in the delivery of this veggie to my mouth. (Although, it did ride to work with me today)
The size is on the small side but the flavor and crispness totally make up for it. Sweet bell peppers have become one of my favorite snacks of all time.

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100 Days Inspired by Courtney

I just joined a 100 day challenge posted by Courtney at

I see a know a lot of people around me in denial.  “But all I ate was a corn dog, how could I gain 5 pounds?”

I’m sorry, but haven’t you see what successful weight loss people eat?  Corn dogs are not in their food journals.

That isn’t me.  I’m not in denial.  See, I didn’t lose any weight last week because I ate like a stupid pig.  I know I eat bad and that is why I don’t lose weight.  See. I’m not in denial.  My problem is, I just don’t seem to be doing anything about it.  It meaning my need to lose weight and improve my fitness. 

100 Day Goals

  1. Lose 12 pounds
  2. Finish running 500 of my 750 miles goal for 2010. I won’t even come close to 750 miles so my backup goal was to run more than last year which was 501 miles. 
  3. Do that Last Chance workout at least once a week.
  4. Have better consistency in better eating days.


I don’t like to get too complicated so I’ll leave it at 4 goals.  I’m going to finish this year with a bang!

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I chicken out

One thing I like about traveling for work is the opportunity to run in other cities/states/ landscapes. When I pulled into the hotel in Frostburg, MD, I knew there was a high probability that my VFFs wouldn’t meet the Allegheny Mountains.

First of all, I was starving. The screwy flight schedule eliminated my lunch. (except for a small bag of walnuts I had purchased for $4!) I needed to eat and soon or turn into the raging Frederica. Frederica isn’t that scary unless your a Dietitian on a mission to prevent the diabetes epidemic. If I ate first, there wouldn’t be much daylight left for running on a trail.

Next, the hotel was located next to the highway in an empty area. The road it was on was one of those country roads that wouldn’t be very safe for runners due to no sidewalks, unlawful speed of oncoming cars, limited visibility, and improbability that other runners had ventured there before.

Could I have steeled myself and faced the Allegheny country roads or the setting sun? Perhaps, but I didn’t. I was chicken. I justified it by saying I wasn’t scheduled to run that day anyway.

Instead, I ate a grilled chicken topped with maryland crab sandwich down at the local Sands Saloon. Which unless you are actually on the Maryland coast, I wouldn’t bother with Maryland crab. I have been known to be a bit particular about my crab. To me, it might as well have been fish flakes for all I could taste.

After dinner, I walked down the hill from Sands Saloon into the heart of Frostburg. They had all the Sookie Stackhouses except the one I wanted. So, I bought book 7 of the 39 Clues where Dan and Amy discover which branch if the family they are from. Then retreated to my hotel room for a restful evening. (no bedbugs there!)

This morning I visited the dinky hotel workout center. There was one treadmill squeezed in between an elliptical and a stair machine. Wasting no more time, I started out bare for the first mile until I began to feel the skin becoming raw from the rough treadmill belt. Then I donned my favorite shoes, VFFs, to complete the 5k. It has been a long time since I’ve run in stagnant air. I considered taking off my T-shirt but I didn’t want to scare any old ladies walking by. It wasn’t exciting or refreshing but the run was done.

I don’t have any scenic pictures to share because the best views I had were while I was driving and my hands were gripping the steering wheel very tightly.

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Day Light Losing

When I woke up the morning of the first day of Cub Scout camp I decided that I would abstain from running that week. I would be spending hours in the hot sun and arriving home late at night. Plus, I would be doing a lot of walking and running at camp. Really, it was just an easy justification to be lazy. I missed running but it was delightful to lounge in bed until 6:30 every morning.

Unfortunately, I have struggled to wake up before 6:00 am every day since. I aim to get out the door by 5:30 am to get a longer run in during the cooler hours. Snooze after snooze finds me rolling off the edge of the bed no earlier than 5:45 am and I’m not even awake yet. I’m lucky if I’m on the road before six.

The other morning, Mik woke me up because he was thirsty. (That kid could use a little more self-reliance) It was still dark outside so I startled when I noted the clock read 5:00 am. Where was the morning sun that I had grown so accustomed to greeting me? Like a newborn baby, daylight grew up and moved out while I was pre-occupied with my own affairs.

I’m a four seasons gal, but, as a runner, I really appreciate the benefit of day light saving. I’m not one to slip on the VFFs in the dark. I’m really bummed that I’ve lost out on weeks of early morning sun. In the meantime, I have rearranged my morning schedule, checking off pre-work chores as I wait for daylight to show. It’s inevitable that I will move my running back inside to the treadmill before long. So, I say good bye to summer sun and turn my attention to fun events like Halloween and Metro Trek.

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Visitors From A Foreign Land

I’m more tired then a… then a … then a… Ok. I’m tired, let’s just leave it at that. Sunday, my husband’s cousin paid us a visit from Latvia and brought his daughter (and his mother who lives in the States) to meet her cousins for the first time. We spent a quantity of quality time with them.

Before they arrived my mind was a whirl of ideas for showing Meitena what American life is like.  I wanted to take her to Route 66…

Flat Stanley Visits Route 66

and show her the Gemini Giant…

Flat Stanley and The Gemini Giant

For sure we needed to go for ice cream….take a look at the river…visit the boys’ school…bike ride to the park…

In the end, we were just plain tuckered out so, we just showed Meitena a great day in an American home.  Meitena could hardly wait to get into the pool.  She tugged at her dad’s arm during the house tour until he relented.  Formalities mean nothing to a child excited to jump into four feet of wonder.  Once she was in, it was hard to get her out.

We also took them out to dinner at our favorite local restaurant.  Hayden’s Crossing is a marvelous place to eat.  Don’t pass on the pub sticks, the side of veggies, or the mashed potatoes.  Although, it is hard to find room for all of it in my tummy.

Then the kids had a little Sunday drive around the yard.  The gator was given to us about six years ago as a hand-me-down present.  They are really too big for it but they don’t stop driving it.

Hey, hey. You. You. Get into my car.

I didn’t manage a trip to the ice cream shop but, lucky for Meitena, my BIL had delivered my favorite Plainwell Ice Cream from back home just the day before.  I could almost run all the way home for a scoop of their ice cream.  It’s hard to pick one favorite flavor when they have so many delightful ones.  At the top of my list is Chocolate Hazelnut, Pumpkin, Mint Chocolate Chip, Butter Pecan, Lemon Chiffon… maybe I had better save that for another post… Bonus for me that PIC can travel three hours in a car then refreeze like the master ice cream it is.

After ice cream, K-man and Meitena rode up and down the block on our bikes.  Soon, even with the glow necklaces on, it got too dark for riding so they took a late night dip in the pool.  Glow necklaces are always a big hit at night, but they are an even bigger hit in the pool at night.  It took me a while to convince K-man that the hot water of the pool (92 deg F) would not ruin them.

Late night swim by the glow of a necklace

Not willing to let the party end so early, the kids hung out in the family room watching their favorite Disney pre-teen episodes.  Meitena was delighted to get to watch new episodes.  The boys were delighted to stay up until 10:30 pm.  They were not so delightful the next day.

Bedtime wind down

In hind sight, I’m a little sorry I didn’t show her Route 66, but I’ve never seen three kids become such good friends so fast despite some language barriers. Meitena’s English is pretty good but the boys only know a few greetings in Latvian.

The cousin kept us up all hours of the night solving the world’s problems.  I still managed to roll out of bed the next morning to go for another  3 mile VFF run.  The Aunt was up early too and surprised to not only find me awake but sweaty to boot.  Although it was tiring, I could not resist the cool morning air and clear skies (no orange, no green).

Some day, we’ll make the long trip back to the motherland.  I love to travel and really feel a need for the boys to connect with their paternal heritage.  In addition to going over seas again, I plan to visit all 50 states.  So, it got me thinking… if I was visiting your town or your state (or country), what would you show me?

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Diary of a Barefoot Runner

Dear Diary,

The gig is up. I wore my Adidas shoes to work for two days and loved it. After all my protests of love for going bare, how could this happen? It would take too long to tell you but yesterday I ran for three miles in my VFFs without any pain. So, if I have to sufficate my feet in Adidas for 8 hours every day, I’m going to do it.

Ok, I have to explain a little bit because I can’t just come out and say I love shoes without explaining. I have been having aches and pains in my ankles. I stubbornly refused to believe it was from running barefoot because my feet and ankles never hurt while I’m running bare. Turns out, I might have been right. (Did you expect me to say something different?) I noticed, however, that my feet and ankles were hurting after standing in the lab all day long and only after standing all day long. So, I swallowed my barefoot pride and put on those wretched conventional running shoes to wear in the lab. Well-la. No pain in my ankles. I’m pretty sure that I am just a lazy butt who leans into the counter in the lab when I am working there. Thus, the ankles were held at odd angles for long periods of time. Thus, pain.

One of the good things about going completely bare all this time is that I had a much easier time correcting my stride in my Adidas. So, even though I had shoes on, I was still mid-foot striking. (I’ve always wanted to be Striking!) I’ll probably continue wearing the Adidas to work so that I don’t have to spend money on shoes. I also have EVERY intention of running in my VFFs again tomorrow.

Yee-Haw! I can’t wait.


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