Where O’ Where Has My Bonnie Gone?

Where have you been, Missy?!

Finally, scout camp is done and the big, big party weekend is over. Some day I’ll tell you about the secret society that I belong to. No, there have been any presidents to come from this society.. at least none for this country. Oh, and when I say “I belong” I really just mean that I married into it.

Anyhow, the days are gone and the multiple posts that I had started just don’t seem to have the same meaning anymore. I never reported on my 5k win in VFFs (25:45). I missed Amanda’s progress report update party. I didn’t talk about committing so much time to the development of young men. I really need a haircut and I want to go to bed.

I just wanted to slip in to say that I’ll be writing again soon, I hope. I’ll be running more again soon, I hope. And, yes, I’ll be with the scouts again, tonight, but not for too late, I hope.



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