Dairy Of A Barefoot Babe

Dear Diary,

The other day, I wore my Adidas running shoes. I hope no one finds out! It would be so embarrassing. But, I didn’t have any choice, I swear! It’s not like I was running or anything. Well, I mean, technically, I was walking but it’s not like it was real walking. I was just walking behind a lawn mower.

I remember the day last year when I bought my pink striped Adidas running shoes. The sales guy said they had extra padding to last more miles. I loved those shoes so much that as soon as I could I took a picture of them and made it my profile picture on Facebook. Getting new running shoes always made me so happy. Boy, was I naive.

At least, those shoes make good lawn care and compost turning shoes. They still look brand new but I’ll get them dirty soon enough in the compost. Maybe then I won’t have worry about people noticing that I have shoes on. It’s like I’m thirteen all over again.

Still Barefoot Babe


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