An Orange Glow

One day last week when I went out for a walk, the early morning sky had a green tinted glow. I took no heed of this fact as I sauntered barefoot into the street. I heard thunder a half mile later as I crossed the bridge over the rushing creek. I scoffed at the thunder because it was not very loud. Four blocks later, just as I passed by the two-story elementary school built in 1930, I gave pause. When I looked over my shoulder to cross the street, I saw dark grey clouds hanging over our town. I was three blocks short of my designated turn-around spot but there was no doubt I’d be turning around right then instead. I would also need to run home instead of walking as I had planned.

K-man was standing in the screen doorway when I walked up. He took in my drenched hair and dripping clothes then demanded with a worried tone, “Momma! Where were you?!” I shrugged and asked him for a towel.

This morning, I found it difficult to wake up after a second night in a row comforting Mik’s upset stomach. When I finally made it outside to let the cats into the garage to eat, I appraised the daylight and cloud coverage. This morning had an unusual orange glow with 100% cloud coverage. Mornings don’t glow, they shine unless there is a storm on the way.

Recalling that last week I got caught half way home in a storm and received a reprimand from my seven year old, I decided to dust off the treadmill. I pulled it out from it’s corner in the garage and got to work. I combined walking, running, and push-ups. Bare milage was over 3 miles. My fastest pace was 8 mph.

Wouldn’t you know it? In the time that I was on the treadmill, it didn’t thunder or lightening. There were no sudden gusts of wind to whip sand around me. There wasn’t even a single raindrop.


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