Day Light Losing

When I woke up the morning of the first day of Cub Scout camp I decided that I would abstain from running that week. I would be spending hours in the hot sun and arriving home late at night. Plus, I would be doing a lot of walking and running at camp. Really, it was just an easy justification to be lazy. I missed running but it was delightful to lounge in bed until 6:30 every morning.

Unfortunately, I have struggled to wake up before 6:00 am every day since. I aim to get out the door by 5:30 am to get a longer run in during the cooler hours. Snooze after snooze finds me rolling off the edge of the bed no earlier than 5:45 am and I’m not even awake yet. I’m lucky if I’m on the road before six.

The other morning, Mik woke me up because he was thirsty. (That kid could use a little more self-reliance) It was still dark outside so I startled when I noted the clock read 5:00 am. Where was the morning sun that I had grown so accustomed to greeting me? Like a newborn baby, daylight grew up and moved out while I was pre-occupied with my own affairs.

I’m a four seasons gal, but, as a runner, I really appreciate the benefit of day light saving. I’m not one to slip on the VFFs in the dark. I’m really bummed that I’ve lost out on weeks of early morning sun. In the meantime, I have rearranged my morning schedule, checking off pre-work chores as I wait for daylight to show. It’s inevitable that I will move my running back inside to the treadmill before long. So, I say good bye to summer sun and turn my attention to fun events like Halloween and Metro Trek.


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