I chicken out

One thing I like about traveling for work is the opportunity to run in other cities/states/ landscapes. When I pulled into the hotel in Frostburg, MD, I knew there was a high probability that my VFFs wouldn’t meet the Allegheny Mountains.

First of all, I was starving. The screwy flight schedule eliminated my lunch. (except for a small bag of walnuts I had purchased for $4!) I needed to eat and soon or turn into the raging Frederica. Frederica isn’t that scary unless your a Dietitian on a mission to prevent the diabetes epidemic. If I ate first, there wouldn’t be much daylight left for running on a trail.

Next, the hotel was located next to the highway in an empty area. The road it was on was one of those country roads that wouldn’t be very safe for runners due to no sidewalks, unlawful speed of oncoming cars, limited visibility, and improbability that other runners had ventured there before.

Could I have steeled myself and faced the Allegheny country roads or the setting sun? Perhaps, but I didn’t. I was chicken. I justified it by saying I wasn’t scheduled to run that day anyway.

Instead, I ate a grilled chicken topped with maryland crab sandwich down at the local Sands Saloon. Which unless you are actually on the Maryland coast, I wouldn’t bother with Maryland crab. I have been known to be a bit particular about my crab. To me, it might as well have been fish flakes for all I could taste.

After dinner, I walked down the hill from Sands Saloon into the heart of Frostburg. They had all the Sookie Stackhouses except the one I wanted. So, I bought book 7 of the 39 Clues where Dan and Amy discover which branch if the family they are from. Then retreated to my hotel room for a restful evening. (no bedbugs there!)

This morning I visited the dinky hotel workout center. There was one treadmill squeezed in between an elliptical and a stair machine. Wasting no more time, I started out bare for the first mile until I began to feel the skin becoming raw from the rough treadmill belt. Then I donned my favorite shoes, VFFs, to complete the 5k. It has been a long time since I’ve run in stagnant air. I considered taking off my T-shirt but I didn’t want to scare any old ladies walking by. It wasn’t exciting or refreshing but the run was done.

I don’t have any scenic pictures to share because the best views I had were while I was driving and my hands were gripping the steering wheel very tightly.


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