100 Days Inspired by Courtney

I just joined a 100 day challenge posted by Courtney at http://www.runcourtrun.com/2010/08/100-day-challenge.html

I see a know a lot of people around me in denial.  “But all I ate was a corn dog, how could I gain 5 pounds?”

I’m sorry, but haven’t you see what successful weight loss people eat?  Corn dogs are not in their food journals.

That isn’t me.  I’m not in denial.  See, I didn’t lose any weight last week because I ate like a stupid pig.  I know I eat bad and that is why I don’t lose weight.  See. I’m not in denial.  My problem is, I just don’t seem to be doing anything about it.  It meaning my need to lose weight and improve my fitness. 

100 Day Goals

  1. Lose 12 pounds
  2. Finish running 500 of my 750 miles goal for 2010. I won’t even come close to 750 miles so my backup goal was to run more than last year which was 501 miles. 
  3. Do that Last Chance workout at least once a week.
  4. Have better consistency in better eating days.


I don’t like to get too complicated so I’ll leave it at 4 goals.  I’m going to finish this year with a bang!


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