Carrot Cake Was Not The Only Veggie

Day 99- let’s just say that day 100 was a wash. Day 99 is going much better…except that carrot cake they had in the conference room. It was only two bites. I mean, two actual real sized bites, not how-big-is-my-mouth-how-much-can-I-fit-into-it bites.

This morning I started on a 2.95 mile run in my Vffs at 6:05 am. I really need to get up earlier if I’m going to have any workouts with significant impact.

The upside, today, is that I have been busy at work in the lab. So, I am burning more calories than my usual office day. The downside is that I end up not drinking my water.

Product Review- Stephanie’s Raw Red Peppers
I like that these peppers are organic and locally grown. Other than the gas used to drive to the store to buy the plant to begin with, no gasoline was used in the delivery of this veggie to my mouth. (Although, it did ride to work with me today)
The size is on the small side but the flavor and crispness totally make up for it. Sweet bell peppers have become one of my favorite snacks of all time.


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