Day 95- Last Chance

Day 95- I got on the scale yesterday and was able to measure a small amount of success. Yeah! Thank goodness I burn so many calories on those runs!

I did the Biggest Loser Last Chance workout this morning as one of my weekly goals had required. Besides being a good workout for burning calories while building some muscle, I find The Last Chance concept fitting for my last 95 days. All year I’ve wanted to lose weight, tone up, and just be healthier overall. I set a goal last December to finish this year 10 pounds lighter than last year. Even if I lose the 12 pounds that is my goal for the 100 days, I will not make it to my preceding goal. So, this is it. My last chance this year to strive ahead of where I finished last year. I’ll keep doing that Last Chance workout to make sure I take this chance seriously.

Goals for Day 94-89
1. Healthier choices at convenience food times.
3. Last Chance Workout two times
4. No grazing at the birthday party


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