Scenes Of A Profile

She took a good, long look at his profile. They were encroaching upon 40 but he hadn’t changed much. Sure, there were shifts in his appearance like how he had his hair cut and dressed more maturely, but his profile was indistinguishable from his early years. It was like being in a time warp that allowed her to stand simultaneously in the past and the present. Memories of the laughter, the challenges, and the quiet moments paraded through her mind.

They stood there talking to friends while she considered these scenes of him. He laughed. It was a laugh that was purely his own. The sound was quick and unabashed.

She spied it then. The change, just at the corner of his eyes, she could see crinkles. It didn’t deter from his looks. It didn’t make him look past his prime. To her, it enhanced his profile by adding caliber and tones to the familiar terrain. While looking different, it felt as familiar as frequently read book. This intense feeling of familiarity verified that her heart had connected the person he had been to the person he was now.


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