Lady Bird

Austin may not be my kind if town but I can’t help but be awed and impressed with the bodies of the women here. Tuesday morning, I ran along the trail that goes around Lady Bird Lake. A group of women from the University of Texas were also out for their morning run. I could not keep my eyes off their abdomens. I have never seen a female six pack in real life before. It was incredible. All the women in that group were strong and toned. (It actually feels like an understatement to describe them that way) I guess, before that moment, I thought fitness of that caliber was just a myth.

I was a little envious but mostly just impressed. In my own college years, I collected layers of fat everywhere. Not only were these college women skinny, they looked fit to complete an Iron Man. Even the waitress at lunch today possessed a sculpted body such that would make Michelangelo ogle her. Smooth skin laying taught over long, lean muscles. My hat is off to these women who really know how to live healthy.

For all the runners I passed on Lady Bird trail, only one wore VFFs. A bright red pair. Much nicer than mine.

…I wonder what the college girls thought of me…

“Did you see that slow lady wearing the weird shoes?”
“yeah, did you get high off the alcohol vapor cloud she was running in?”

I was slow due to the hangover and my 30 layers of fat.

The catch phrase in Austin is “Keep Austin Weird”. I was amused when I first saw it on a souvenir T-shirt but I didn’t grasp the meaning. After being here for two days, I think weird is the appropriate way to describe Austin. I can’t come up with another word to describe it nor am I able to explain it to you.

The weirdness of Austin overtook me last night as I mangled up my hand riding the mechanical bull. It’s not serious enough to warrant a picture. It’s bruised, swollen, and hurts to bend my fingers. I made it for 3 minutes since the operator let me right myself a few times after a near fall.

Yes, I was drunk. I was being weird.


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