Don’t read the fine print

I’m part of a special club(whatever)

I received this in my inbox the other day.

Ruuuuuc! Lions 2010

Bet Lauvaus ir jau 0-2
Ludzu visi atsutiet Jusu 2010 gada pareggojumus!

Uz prieksu!

I don’t know what this says. I could ask my husband to translate but It’ll be more fun to speculate.

1. Two male lions at the zoo were caught singing “you’ve lost that loving feeling” ala Top Gun style

2. 2010 Ginsu knives on sale at the Latvian market place.

3.The Lions football team still generates enough interest for a group of men to talk about them.

I answered back with three wins. I have no idea what I’m talking about so why would I bother finding out what they actually said.

Day 65- Slept in today. My eating is terrible but in an opposite way. Sure, the scale will respond but it isn’t right either. Nearly half way through my last chance for the year and not doing a good job of making it real. Ran 7 miles or so this week.


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