Treadmill Season

It’s off to the races.. no scratch that. It’s off to the treadmill. The daylight portion of the day is now less than the dark portion of the day. Thus, I retreat to my treadmill. I am half looking forward to it and half dreading it.

Half Forward
I toughened up my skin enough that bare footin’ it on the TM isn’t a problem this year. I haven’t had a hot spot yet.

I can do all my runs bare which means my VFFs will get a little break and maybe last me another year.

I can’t look at the display board on the TM without pushing myself. I go a little faster, a little further, a little higher incline. I look forward to challenging myself on every TM run.

I can dock the iPod so that I don’t have to carry anything. I can turn up the tunes real loud because I don’t have to listen for approaching vehicles.

Half Dreading
This year I got into the enjoyment of running for the sake of running and stopped worrying about time, distance, speed, or training. The TM is putting all that right back in front of my face every second of the run.

Last year, I nearly got motion sickness from staring at the wall during a seven mile run. I’ve turned the TM around but still the view sucks.

I keep the TM out in the garage where it is stinky and dusty. I have to drag out and clean up the TM for every run.

In the very cold months, I’ll have to wait for it to warm up before I get on it. That’s precious running time.

You don’t realize how nice it is to feel air passing your face until it’s gone. Cooling fans are good but they aren’t that good.

Don’t worry, Roads, I promise to visit on weekends ( and just weather days) I might even bring you a treat or piece of candy.


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