Day ??- I’ve lost track

We’ll start with that I hate the app for wordpress on my iPhone. I updated my app yesterday. As a result, I lost two fictional posts I had been writing. Then through a misunderstanding of the new update steps to saves drafts, I lost a great post on espionage, double agents, foreign secrets, and potato salad. (non-fiction, of course) The problem is that once I write an entry, its gone. I have trouble finding the magic to recreate it. I can proof, edit, and modify sentences but I can not recreate a whole writing. Ok, I’m not a published author. I’m probably not even a good writer but it is heartbreaking when your creations are lost.

Last night when I couldn’t sleep I watched two episodes back to back of the biggest loser. (while eating a bowl of buttered popcorn) One contestants story of “I swore I’d never let myself get this big again.” reminded me that just a few years ago I said similar things. So, this morning, I finally got back on the TM with renewed vigor. I pushed myself harder than I have in months. I managed 3 miles in 30 minutes with 5 minutes for warm up and cool down. I ran 1 minute speed intervals at 8.0 mph with 1 minute recovery intervals at 7.0 mph.

The procrastinator in me always does pretty well at the end of year as my birthday (weight loss goal date) approaches. There is no reason why 2010 has to be any different. Scratch that. 2010 still has a chance to be better. I lost track of where I was and where I wanted to be but now I’m back.


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