It’s Time To Race

Whilst surfing through the usual blogs yesterday, I came across on of my favorite words, FREE. It’s common in the blog world for writers…sorry, bloggers (wouldn’t want to offend anyone) to have regular to daily give-aways. If you came to this blog for freebies, sorry, I am not one of those types of bloggers. Who can be bothered? I have trouble just blogging everyday. I can’t fathom holding my own regular give-away. Kudos, to those devoted bloggers who do. Running Diva Mom is one of those fantastic freebie sights.

For a short period of time, I was intrigued with entering give-aways. I jumped through hoops and shouted website addresses from the top of the mountain. It wasn’t long before the pessimism (and laziness) took over. Sure, I’m tempted because who doesn’t love the Snog tees? Or a bike from Fatty that I’d have to regift out of guilt for how much it’s worth? (I donated anyway because Fatty is good at asking for things and getting them. He asked me to donate so I had to give it to him.)

So, you’re wondering, if Stephanie isn’t into freebie contests what has her so giddy about being FREE. How about a free race? But, it’s not just any ol’ free race. It’s a virtual free race! Jamie is hosting the virtual 10-10-10 10k Race.

My plan for the 10-10-10 10k is to run it on 10-8-10 on the treadmill in bare feet. This might be a significant challenge as 1. I am going out the night before to a biker bar for a surprise 40th birthday party for my work BFF. 2. I’ll have to run it before going to work requiring a 5:15 am wake up call. 3. I haven’t run more than 5k in quite a while. Now, any of those things alone would be a challenge to overcome, add them together and we’ve got one doozy of a Friday race.

But, hey, I say, why the heck not? How about you?

Day ?? -1 passed on the fun size snickers, did portions of the last chance workout that I could actually get to play on my cheep DVD player, upped the fluids. I’m on a roll!!!

Toesies enjoying a sliver of sun in the office.


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