Lawyer Does Manual Work, Ends Up In Hospital

A frugal lawyer from Milwaukee, WI invited his cousin and uncle over for some male bonding by way of replacing the roof on his ranch style home last weekend. Initially, the lawyer was encouraged when the weather was forecasted with sunny, rain-free days but the good times weren’t meant to last.

“It’s going to be fun. I haven’t worked on a home project since I cleaned out all those old margarine containers from my mom’s basement.” The lawyer was heard saying a few days earlier.

With above average temperatures and cloudless skies, the project started off well on Thursday. The three men managed to tear off more than half of the old shingles in one day. The lawyer even called a friend that was scheduled to work on Saturday and informed him that his services would not be needed.

However, just fifteen hours after the start of the project, the situation started to decline. The lawyer woke up in the middle of the night needing to run to the bathroom to throw up the beer he had for dinner. Although, he continued to feel ill the next morning, he was determined to not look like a pussy. Unfortunately, that could not be avoided as the lawyer had to take a nap by 3 pm. Later, when the lawyer’s wife arrived home she insisted he go to the emergency room for rehydration. Doctors admitted the lawyer for over exertion and kept him for observation for two days.

“I can’t understand how I could be over exerted. I walk on the golf course at least three times a week. Those golf clubs get pretty heavy after two holes. ”

The lawyer’s cousin got additional assistance from his own wife (me) and a friend. They trudged on while the lawyer laid in wait in a private, air conditioned hospital room.

Doctors released the lawyer from the hospital on Sunday just an hour before his cousin, his uncle, and his cousin’s wife put the cap on the roof.

(This is a true story except the golf comment. This lawyer does take daily walks but doesn’t golf.)


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