Fatty Wear Is Here

Can you picture me hugging a shirt?

You should be able to because I’ve been doing it for the last hour. You’d think it was the wedding dress of my dreams.

My Fatty wear finally arrived! I finally feel like a member of the Fatty team. (except its a runners shirt not a cyclist jersey so I still have some mountains to climb) The shirt is totally awesome. Take a look, I know you are jealous.

The front.

Twin Six is….. Hold on. I have to pull out my thesaurus because I’ve used awesome too much lately so it feels like an understatement… Twin Six is magnificent!!

They are also magnanimous.

The shirt is opulent.

The back. Heavyweight Horsepower!

Ok, enough of my school girl crush.

In Training
Eight months ago, a bunch of Spark friends ran together in the Mardi GRAS marathon. Filled with envy and longing, I read their reports of kindred spirits, good times, and fantastic support. They had such a marvelous time that they vowed to repeat the experience at the ING Miami marathon and half marathon. I vowed to think about it.

You’re about to tell me to just go out and do it. I’m about to say it’s not that easy. You’re about to say yes it is, just do it. I’m about to respond…

Enough of that nonsense.

I don’t know if I’ll do it or swing it but I am going to start training for the half as if I just might. Why not the full? I don’t know. I’ve just never had the desire.


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