Going Public

This morning I found it hugely difficult to get out of bed. I have anxiety issues when I sleep in hotels. I’m not anxious about bed bugs or strangers breaking into my room. I’m anxious about not setting the alarm correctly or not giving myself enough time to get ready in the morning. As a result, I jump up, search for a clock and do backwards time calculations every half hour of the night. I always seem to be actually sleeping at the minute the alarm clock goes off. It’s very hard to give up sleep once you have acquired it.

Never the less, I had a run to do. So, get out of bed I did. Dressed in my overly bright LiveStrong T-shirt and Sunday running shorts, I slipped into my dress flats and headed down to the hotel fitness room.

Despite two people already being there, I strode over to the treadmill with purpose. I slipped off the shoes and stepped on the belt completely bare.

I imagined the others in the room asking me if I was worried about picking up a disease or fungus. I imagined saying no because I was sure I was the only one who had ever gone bare on it. Mostly, I imagined them thinking I was some silly woman who had forgotten her workout shoes. I like to think that after I finished 2.75 miles that they just might have considered that I was running barefoot on purpose.

The Dress Flats


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