Thesaurus Thursday- Fast

What a delight to find it is Thesaurus Thursday again already. Over use of the Thesaurus can make a passage overwhelming to read but, hey, it’s my bloggy writing fun.

I want to be fast.
I want to be expeditious.
I desiderate to soar without leaving the loam.
I will amble only if it dénouements in a run.

Every treadmill run starts with the perpetual debate. Should I or should I not go for the distance? (is it just me or does everyone hear the Field of Dreams voice whispering “Go the Distance”?) Going the distance is not the problem. Going the distance in the amount of time I have because I couldn’t get my depressed ass out of bed is the problem. Stepping on the treadmill initiates deliberation over the merits of incline work and tempo runs.

Truth is, I’m a distance hog. Trying to get as far as I can in the little time I leave myself usually wins out. Of course, it usually backfires as well.

This morning, my time was constrained more than typical, resulting in a speed interval decision to get distance rapidly. My “recovery” rate was 7 mph. Crazy, full tilt intervals of 8 mph for a minute and 9 mph for a minute. Only, after the first high speed intervals, I had to punch 3 mph because I nearly got razed when the plastic magazine holder broke as I leaned heavily on it while frenziedly reducing the speed to recovery. My resulting speed average for that interval was 6.6 mph. Hmmm, guess I should have stuck with a tempo run? Needless to say, the rest of my speed intervals were not that aggressive.


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