Silver Bullet: Junk Food

Professor’s Weight Loss Secret:Junk Food

The Key? Moderation.

Moderation: 1. The state of being moderate. 2. Action of making something moderate: the limiting, controlling, or restricting of something so that it becomes or remains moderate.

Synonyms: restraint, control, self-control, temperance, fairness, balance, reasonableness, equability.

I can eat junk food, I just have to have control?

Really? No kidding? (Actually, I’m leading you astray because I know that moderation is THE KEY. It’s like a silver bullet.)

A silver bullet that blows a gigantic hole right in my sanity. I start out moderately eating out of the vending machine only once a day for four days in a row. When the fifth day creeps into my psyche. Hot diggity dog! What do I get to eat today?! Next you’ll find me licking the selection buttons for any crumbs left behind by the previous addict. I’ll stand in line at McDonald’s for a hot chicken sandwich right before going into a free lunch. Then I’ll go home and slam every cupboard until I find the last hidden piece of chocolate with the white “chocolate gone bad” crust on it. I’ll wake up the next day gleeful knowing I’ll get another chance at “moderate” junk food. I’ll justify it because all I have to do is learn moderation!

Truthfully, the only foods I eat in moderation are VEGETABLES!

Professor, you can keep your silver bullet and your key. I bet you wonder why people eat when they are no longer hungry too.

Saturday morning was a beautiful day for a VFF run through the town. I haven’t done that in months. I was really looking forward to it until a half mile into the run when I realized that I might not be quite over strep yet. Only ran 2 miles plus a block or two with several walking breaks. I’ll be on the road tomorrow, only not literally.


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