Multi-tasking Son of a Run

There are times when you just push through the run. There are times when you get on the treadmill and run till Biggest Loser is over. Then there are the runs that make you get up everyday just to run again.

Not only do I like to run but I like to travel too. I love when I get a chance to combine the two together. It’s like multi-tasking in the best way possible. Who wouldn’t strive to be a better multi-tasker if involved your favorite activities?

I woke up with a free morning in the quaint town of Winchester, VA. My feet were restless after 6 hours of travel related sitting the night before. I needed to bring an end to a two day running draught. A few months previously, I had stopped for lunch in Winchester so I knew that I wanted to see more.

Eagle Heights Presbyterian Church

Winchester provided quite the scenery. My only complaint would be the brick surfaced sidewalks. Many decades of earth settlement created rolling surfaces. Really, it wasn’t a problem for my VFFs other than I spent more time watching the ground than I would have liked. My barefoot strengthened ankles handled it just fine.

I live in the mid-west because it is close to family. If I could live anywhere and be able to visit family frequently by flue powder or a port key then I would live somewhere on the east coast. I love the connection to history and structures that have stood the test of time. I enjoy the coziness of close-knit quarters. (which in the mid-west just feels like overcrowded, over-developed land)

Civil War Court House and Museum

On paper, my run was nothing to brag about. I ran short of 3 miles in 40 some minutes but, when my rabbit jumped out with his pocket watch, I was disappointed to have to head back. A friend recently completed her first marathon and said afterward that she thought runner’s high was a bunch of horse hockey. I have to disagree. I was slow; it was short; but that son of a run had me floating on air. I’m practically getting a contact high just writing about it.

-Get on your feet and fly.


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