Snow! Enough Said (not really)

The forecast said 90% chance, but I didn’t believe them.

Even when it started to snow, right at the time they forecasted, I didn’t believe them.

I sat on the front porch swing in my pjs, my winter coat, wrapped in a blanket, sipping on whiskey, sitting next to my husband, watching the tiny flakes float and settle in my yard and I STILL didn’t believe them.

Hey, I’ve had seven years of disappointing forecasts to live with.

By, 7 am the boys were already outside playing in the snow. It was only four inches but oh, so delightful! Especially, when served with pancakes!

Pancake Picnic

After breakfast, I assembled my favorite clothes. My Fatcyclist tech shirt, Big Buck brewery thermal, bright pink zip up jacket (if you can’t see this bright pink jacket in a landscape of white, you shouldn’t be driving), cyclist pants (crop length which is important for the visual), black and red Santa socks, a pair of the boy’s camo gloves, and a German style knitted cap. The look was more about function that fashion, except the Santa socks, those were ALL about fashion.

I put shoes on my feet. It’s been a long time, but I’m confident that I have learned enough about proper stride to run in shoes when absolutely necessary. I call 5 inches of snow necessary.

The starting point

I plugged in my Christmas music and headed out to enjoy this good fortune of snow so early in the season. How can you not smile when you feel like a horse plowing through the snow then have Sleigh Ride come on?

stopping to take a picture and catch my breath

It was great. Although, I confess that I stopped at Jaszy’s, the coffee shop in town, to say hi to a friend and ended up drinking hot tea before I left. It was all about taking time to smell the poinsettias for the holiday season.

I usually hate these trees but they catch the snow so well.

As soon as I got home, we all bundled up to try out the new town sledding hill. (then back to the coffee shop for Hot Chocolate)



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