Christmas Slumber Party

Fred and The Pillows


One of the production managers walked by my office a few minutes ago and asked if I was having a slumber party.

It started out because our HR assistant, HR A, is in charge of making our company look good to the local communities.  She’s good at it.  Most people believe that Christmas is for kids.  HR A wanted to reach out to a group that tend to be overlooked even though the song says “kids from 1 to 92“.   

Nearby, is a senior resident home.  Five seniors living there do not have any family to share the holiday with and can’t really afford some of the basic needs.  The lists weren’t very long but included things like robes, night-gowns, pots and pans, lotions, and etc.  Basically, they just need a little generosity sent their way.

I have spent the better part of my thitbmmmsnm years securing the perfect pillow.  I’ve been known to go as far as to modify my pillow by sewing buttons or other things into just the right places while adding fluff too.   So, when I saw that two of the seniors had listed two standard pillows, I knew what I had to do.  I ran down to my local shopping place and picked up 4 of my favorite pillows, soft but firm.   I hope they like them as well as I do.

… I envision Ethel (I don’t know their names, I’m just imaging them) and Ruth hugging their pillows tight to their chests as they run toward the TV with a throw rug dragging behind them.  It’s a Christmas slumber party at the senior resident home.  I see them snuggling down with their pillows and throws on the floor in front of the TV as they sing along with Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen (actually Trudy Stevens) to “Sisters” as they watch White Christmas.  They are not sisters but as close as two sisters would be…

Now, I just need to wrap the pillows and give them to HR A which is why they sit in the chairs in my office as I procrastinate until the very last moment.

Check out today’s Christmas socks.

Christmas Tree Socks


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