Monday’s Million Mangled Musings

Randomly selected

1. Monday + Getting Older = Cranky, Cranky, Cranky  – I’m almost sorry for how irritable I’m being toward completely innocent (that is just me trying to be nice because these people totally deserve it ) victims.

248. The cookie social was a real great idea.  I was about the only person who ate any cookies and I only did that to encourage others to eat cookies.  15 minutes everyone was back in their offices like they were desperate to stop breathing the same air as any of the rest of us.  We have a lot of fraternization in our office.

6070. Wrapping pillows for Christmas is like trying to catch a baby pig in a farm contest. 

1056. We didn’t start soon enough and won’t collect enough money to turn their water back on.  How much more will I have to volunteer, donate, collect, or bleed before I feel like I am able to ease my survivor guilt? (Since I am really irritable today, this isn’t coming across in the correct way)

3456. The Cornfed Girls make me long for something that never existed to begin with.

4. 5 miles on Friday, 4 miles today and I’m two miles further behind than I thought.  I’ve got 25.6 miles to go and I don’t think I’m gonna make it.

52. I try really hard to not use words like gonna.  Well, maybe not real hard.

899.  Some fitness expert asked me to give my opinion on his article about how barefoot running was really only for avid runners of perfect fitness and the rest of us should just go throw our money over the hill (on a new pair of shoes).  See #1 and you’ll think that I probably should have waited a week to respond.

90,876.  I stepped on the scale today.  Yippee!  What a really intelligent thing to do on my birthday.  Starting off this next year with the perfect black cloud over my head.

300.  Ok, so I forgot to leave the key with someone so that the scouts could practice singing before they went to the nursing home.  It really puts the icing on the cake for them since I didn’t show up (was never planning to) to go with them.  Let me remind you.  I was asked, I didn’t request the job.

632. I think the Angry Runner is a body snatcher and feeding off me.  I hope I’m not too salty.

30,549. My spelling is horendous.  It really pisses me off when I can’t spell a word closely enough to the real thing to get the right spelling so that my writing can say what I really want it to say rather than a close-but-no-cigar second.

1,000,000.  I’m about to pee my pants.


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