A Question Of Faith

My extended family spans from extremely devote to extremely atheist. 

Some may say it is strange that my atheist brother-in-law created a Christmas music CD and has created one for the past 12 or so years.  1. They don’t know my brother-in-law.  2. Lets face it, Christmas is so commercialized these days that believers have a hard time finding the true meaning of Christmas not the other way around. 

My husband and I are the black sheep in his family because we are not religious.  We only go to church a couple of times a year (when forced).  We do not serve the church the way the rest of the family does.  His brother has even gone so far as to lecture us on the upbringing of our kids and our heathen ways.  It’s creating strife in the family.

As a scientifically educated person, I can not deny evidence that supports evolution, the big bang, and molecular details.  These are the things that are the root of questioning God’s existence.  These are the things that make me question The Bible. 

There was one science professor in college that had a lasting impact on me.  I don’t recall his name but I do recall much of what he taught me in that gigantic auditorium.  That professor taught Astronomy.  Outer space is one fact that puts colossal dent into the heavens theory.  But, one day, standing in front of 200 people he never knew, my professor said something that hit me to the core. 

“Everything about outer space goes against what we’ve been taught about God, creation, and etc.  But think about this, the universe just happens to be in the right place, the sun just happens to be the right size, the earth just happens to be the right distance from the sun to be neither too hot, nor too cold, and the atmosphere on earth just happens to support life.  Now, look at how difficult it is to reproduce all these things in the laboratory and yet… it just happened on a global scale here?  Seems like too many coincidences just happened to be happening entirely on their own.”

In other words, God made it possible.

So, yes, I am a believer but I don’t believe in everything. Religion is one of those things I question quite a bit.  I think that mankind has been pretty arrogant throughout the centuries and I don’t believe we’ll know the truth until we get to heaven.  

I’m not sure what that makes me but I don’t have time right now because I need to head off to look for the lyrics to O’ Little Town of Bethlehem for my at-home version of The Nativity.


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