Flip A Coin

I am at work today.  Why?  I don’t know because there isn’t anyone else here and no customers looking for information…

So, it’s lunchtime.  I have left-over over-cooked, slightly burnt steak in  my lunch.

Or, I can eat a serving of white chocolate covered pretzels. 

yeah….  I don’t like left-over perfectly cooked steak for lunch to begin with.  I tried to tell the hubs that I didn’t want steak for lunch.  I got the evil eye and I-slaved-over-a-hot-stovegrill-for-you look.  So, I took it.   Grabbing something like a healthy Subway sandwich isn’t an option since I’ve put myself in a spending freeze. 

Here are my choices.


Yummy evil stuff


Actually, now that I look at it.  The steak doesn’t look as bad as the one I ate last night. 

Flip the coin.  Heads steak.  Tails pretzels.

The coin says Steak.

Too bad, I already ate all the pretzels writting this post.


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