Forecast Says Run

My husband said the forecast on Monday would be 23 degrees F.  I was excited because that would be a pretty nice temperature for running in the winter.  Only, I didn’t ask what was forecasted for the early morning.

I stepped outside in my new pants that I received as a Christmas present and a double layer of long sleeves (one tech layer, one cotton).  I accessorized with my favorite wool hat and new stripped gloves (also a Christmas present).  I also wore my red snowflake socks and shoes. (I can’t wait to be able to run without shoes again) 

Enough pictures of my feet. How about my hands?

I thought to myself, “Whoa.  This feels colder than 23 deg F.”

But, who’s going to stop running when they’ve taken a half day of vacation?  Not me. 

The sidewalks were a struggle through most of the town because apparently, you are not required to clean your sidewalks after a snowfall.  Only people like the hubs, who has undiagnosed OCD, will go out and clean their sidewalk. 

Still, it had to get better.  It had been up to 36 deg F on Sunday.  Everything had been melting everywhere.

Once I got into downtown, the sidewalks were nice and clean, I opted to take the route through South Island over the one lane bridge.   The road leading to the park is along the major (Route 66) road through town.  So, I am always glad to get off those sidewalks and enter South Island.  Normally, I’m too embarassed about the bounce of my bum (especially in fitted pants) to take heavy traffic routes but, South Island provides a nice 4 mile run.  Yes, the run is more important than other things.

 Just as my embarrassing minutes of bouncing running on Route 66 came to a close.  I did something even more embarassing.  I stepped off the side walk to take the left turn onto the road entering South Island.  When… shwiiipppp.  BOOM.  I landed right on my front just as a truck was passing by.  It was a large section of black ice.  I nearly fell again trying to get up.  I guess I would have laughed at the hollywood-ness of the shot, if I had fallen. again.  

No major injuries to keep me from finishing the run.  I liked the fitted pants a lot but decided that I should check the actual temperature when I got home so that I would know that in those conditions I need an insulating layer over top.  I arrived home and took off my wool cap.  The braded cords on the sides were covered in frozen frost from my breath.  A quick check on NOAA indicated that it was less than 10 deg F.  NO WONDER! 

The heat of the wood stove melted the frost before I could get a picture of it.

Oh, well.  I forcasted that I would run in the morning.  Despite the weather forecast, I ran.


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