Last Run

I admit it, I hadn’t wanted to run. It looked chilly and damp outside the window and laziness and a warm cozy blanket were lounging around on the couch beckoning me to join them. However, it was important to put in this effort on the last day of the year. A real runner, never die, just keep swimming… all that stuff.

 I negotiate my mileage goal with the kid. He commands I run 4 miles after I refuse to run 150 miles.

Pft, I think as I leave the house. In the rain and chill, it’ll be a lot shorter than 4 miles.

The hundreds of trees that line my in-law’s quarter mile driveway protect me from the rain but dispense water bombs ten times the size at regular intervals.

I reach the end of the driveway and it’s no longer raining. It’s a sign. I think, maybe I’ll go all the way around the lake. (6 miles)

I am delighted at running on the soft, soggy shoulder until I realize my VFFs are soaking up freezing water from the ground. I wouldn’t even run in ice water in the height of July let alone December. I retreat to running on the asphalt which is what I normally do anyway.

A mile later I marvel at how difficult it had been the previous week to do this route but today is easy peasy. I might even stretch the run to 9 miles after going around the lake.

Road sign says go left but I go right to the lake

Two miles into the run, Mother Nature calls me on the gut phone. She says it’s not urgent but I might want to plan on being in a strategic location (outhouse) in a reasonable time. Going around the lake will not be possible.

Five minutes after turning around so that I can loop the outhouse until my mileage is complete or Mother Nature calls (whichever is first), I notice that the sky is extremely dark for ten in the morning.  Even the streetlights are on.

I was one mile from the house and running in a torrential downpour. It’s a sign. The raindrops are as big as the water bombs from the drive way. I abandon all thoughts of running around the lake or trying to get those year-long goal miles completed. My clothes are hanging from an extra twenty pounds of water. I have to zig-zag across the street to avoid running through the water streams.

It's a street light and a sign

I heard thunder when I was walking up the driveway to the house. I decided that I should run the rest of the way and cool down in the house.

December 31st = 4.6 miles, Visits to the outhouse = 0, Hits by water bombs = 3,000,000

Month total = 57 miles, Year total = 495 + whatever from September


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