A New Treadmill

Today’s early morning run was both completely dreadful and completely delightful.

Last week during my attempt at heeling, (pun intended) the hubs got ahold of the treadmill and tore it apart to tune it up.  Turns out that all that cold weather bucking was actually a completely demolished motor drive belt. 

Part ordered. Treadmill fixed and aligned.  Thanks, hubs and neighbor.

Wise advice says if the cold is in your head, run.  If the cold is in your chest, don’t run.


One week away from running and I’m dying on the treadmill.  Maybe it’s the belt.  Maybe it’s the chest cold.  Maybe it’s just cold.

But, man… that baby runs so smooth now.  It’s like having a brand new treadmill (the magazine holder is still broken though).

A pitiful 1.8 miles with bare feet and lots of phlegm. 

Tomorrow is day one of a Biggest Loser challenge at work.  yeah, yeah, yeah… I’m organizing it and trying to take the idea to the next level.  Those ladies have no idea what they are getting themselves into.  Cuz, seriously, I’d rather do that than my actual job. 

BLC, January Challenge – 4 pounds


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