I am a Cub Scout leader. One night last fall we were working on their Building Muscles achievement. Being a big fan of everything a push-up can do for you, I made them do push-ups. Then I saw the gleam in their eyes when they decided to challenge me. I asked them how many push-ups did they think I could do? A father in back bet me ice cream if I could do 20.
So I did 21.

What’s pathetic is that these days I’m struggling to do 5 in a row. My mini-goal is to work on my strength so that I can beat 21 push-ups in a row. (Plus, I really want to be of help in the spring when the Hubs unloads the sleds from the truck)

1/11/11- 5 push-ups

Check out the view from my window. You can’t tell where the wall ends and the snow starts. FINALLY!


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