Never Say Never… and Maybe Not Likely

I once said, “I’ll never get married.”  Then I said, “I’ll never have kids.”

My husband actually signed a piece of paper that his friends brought to our wedding that said, “I will never get married.”

I ran my first half marathon in 2007 in Chicago.  It sucked but I loved it.  Plus, I beat Paul Hunt by about 17 minutes. He was a former colleague that I saw passed on the course.  I was proud of my accomplishment and was tempted to get a T-shirt stating that I beat him.    

It wasn’t long before I craved another long race so I went to the Borgess Run for the Health of It Half Marathon.  Borgess was also the location of my first 5K race where I finished 3rd place! The next year I went for the half ending with a PR and finishing pretty strong.  I decided to run the half  again in 2010 but family circumstances kept me from going to the race, so I raced it anyway

I know lots of runners who are out doing fulls.  I heard once that if you do a half before a full, you’ll never want to do a full.  I have to agree.  After completing three* half marathons, I have no interest in doing a full.

It’s time to decide if I am going to return to The Borgess Half to claim another PR. 

Imagine my thoughts though when I see this.

 Building On A Legacy

It may be Kalamazoo’s First Marathon, but it will be conducted by the region’s most experienced race managers, a savvy advisory council and hundreds of volunteers. Read More 

Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo…marathon.

Suddenly, I feel tempted.  This is where I did my first 5K.  This is where I broke my first PR for the Half marathon.  Should I overturn my adversion to running a full marathon just to run my first full at the first Kalamazoo marathon?

I don’t think I said I’d never run a marathon but I’m pretty sure I said I’m not likely to ever run a marathon.


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