Getting To Know You, Getting To Know All About You

Those nasty gas prices initiated a program that I have wanted to undertake for years.  Carpooling, it is the simplest of ideas yet so hard to implement.  Today, I finished my first week of carpooling.   Now I begin to tally the good and not so good things about carpooling…

Almost immediately it feels as though you are on a first date.  What if she doesn’t like me?  What if she thinks I’m a bad driver?  What if she thinks my car is dirty?

We passed the first date test and are in the get to know you stages.  Radio stations?  Windows up or down?  Dunkin Donuts coffee or McDonalds coffee?  Do you sit and wait for the other person to be ready to go home or do you hover like a vulture?  Is ok to talk shop?  Can I talk on the phone on the way into work?  Do I have to offer to drive you to lunch every time I drive to work?

I tend to believe in my car, my ways but I’ve only used a quarter of tank of gas this week so I’m pretty geeked about the situation.   I might bust out some new flexability


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