Trying to keep up Run Smiley Viral

I’m putting in a link to a great blog on running for fun.  My one reader can check it out and keep a good thing viral.  (My stats say I have about 5 readers but I’ve been here long enough to know not to trust stats.)

The Best Accessory

Changes in Attitudes, Changes in Latitudes (I can’t say change in attitude without singing the song)

Thanks to Barefoot Angie Bee for keeping it viral

I used F.U.N. as a running accessory last year.  I got to say, Kate is right.  My summer runs last year were really good runs.   How did I get there?  I think it did happened for me when I went minimalist/bare too.  Because my goals were no longer the hard and fast distance, speed, and miles.  They were soft and fluffy like a cloud or a pillow.  Who doesn’t like pillows?  Anyway, with a goal of transitioning to barefoot, I got really excited about just completing the run.  About doing something a lot of people thought was CRAZ-ZY.  I kept it up and just kept going.   I was feeling good about accomplishing a run rather than obsessing about the data that went with the run.  It was like falling in love all over again.

Thanks for the reminder, Kate.


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